Best Grappling Dummies for BJJ and MMA (2024 Review)

To get really good at any martial art, it pays to also practice at home when you’re away from the dojo. But for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or any other grappling art, many moves need a partner. That’s where a training dummy comes in handy. But what is the best BJJ dummy?

The best BJJ dummy is the Jayefo Beast BJJ Wrestling Dummy. It has well over 1,000 near-perfect reviews on Amazon and is available in both 5′ and 6′ sizes and is perfect for practicing 58 of the key BJJ techniques.

But when looking to purchase, look for one that is 6′ tall for adults or 4′ tall for children. They typically come unfilled and can be filled with old rags from thrift stores.

In this article, I’ll show you all my top picks for different sizes and scenarios so you can pick the right one for you. Let’s face it, in order to learn and grow in combat sports, you will need a training partner.

But if you just want to do some extra practice at home, a dummy is the perfect option!

However, there are many to pick from, making it difficult to choose the best among all the grappling dummies available.

To save you the stress, I have compiled a list of the best grappling dummies available for you to take your grappling practice to the next level.

Grappling dummies are much more than simply sandbags, as you will learn from my guide. The ones that let you practice everything from throws and takedowns to transitions and submission techniques are excellent choices.

Continue reading to know my top selections.

What can you do with a grappling dummy?

Training with grappling dummies has proven to help amateurs defend themselves in real-life danger and takedown opponents effortlessly.

So while it’s not as ideal as having a real training partner, you can still practice countless moves and techniques and improve your mastery of them.

If you own a BJJ dummy, you can practice advanced submissions, takedowns, choking, leg locks, and strikes. With a BJJ dummy, you have a trainer and a punching bag in one, so aside from dominating your Jiu-Jitsu moves, you can increase your sparring ability.

A grappling dummy is perfect for ground fighting techniques, so if you own one, you can perfect your leg locks and proceed to perfect your finisher after taking down your dummy, which serves as your opponent.

When utilized properly, it can take your training to a different level.

What do you fill a grappling dummy with?

New grappling dummies usually come empty, and the best and least expensive filling will be old clothes from a thrift store. Avoid clothing with an excess of metal sewn-in, or oversized buttons. Then ideally cut or shred the clothes into small pieces.

But you can also fill your grappling dummies with sand, foam, shredded paper, towels, or duvet covers. Using different materials for the dummy will give you an eccentric feeling when training.

But I personally wouldn’t use sand as I think all training dummies and heavy bags will eventually leak.

At the dojo I ran for many years, we would just go to the nearest thrift store and buy whatever old clothes were the cheapest for our filling. And you will find you need to occasionally top off the filling as the clothes get compressed and worn out.

Grappling dummies are easy to move around, and you can easily remove the contents stuffed inside to make them easier to carry and clean.

I advise you to fill your dummy with materials you can easily take out when you need to move them from one location to another. This way, you don’t have to worry about its mobility when going on long trips.

If you have bought an unfilled grappling dummy and you have no idea what materials to fill it with, it is advisable to add a mixture of shredded paper, old clothes, and foam pieces for a longer life span.

What size of BJJ dummy should I get?

Dummies should be about 6 feet tall for adult size and about 4 feet tall for kids.

When selecting a dummy, there are several factors to consider. You may want to take note of the shape, versatility, color, position of the dummy, cost, and most importantly, getting the right size and weight.

BJJ dummies come in different sizes and weights; choosing one may be difficult, so I have taken out time to put you through the best one that will fit your needs.

If you plan to use the dummy for techniques like throws and takedowns, it is advisable to use a shorter and less filled-up dummy which will make it lighter.

The idea is to make the dummy less strenuous when lifting and prevent unexpected injuries. You can make your dummy heavier for practical training for other techniques like sparring and kicks.

BJJ dummies weigh up to about 120pounds when full, and they can be reduced to about 40 pounds for kids. Experienced BJJ students who are adults will most likely buy a dummy that is about their height to make it seem like a real-life opponent.

Selecting the size of a dummy is even easier when you have a vivid picture of the person you want to fight with and for what purpose.

BJJ is a lot of fun, but it’s not for everyone.

In a recent article of mine, I wrote about the pros and cons of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While it was designed by and for smaller people, does it not work well for bigger and stronger people?

You can click the link to read it on my website.

How do you make homemade wrestling dummies?

If you are an amateur BJJ student or martial artist in desperate need of a dummy to enhance your moves but can’t afford one, making one at home may be the best option for you.

But there’s a great limit to the number of BJJ techniques you can do with a homemade dummy.

Some of the problems you might face with a homemade dummy is getting the correct height and weight measurement, but if you need to train urgently, a homemade dummy should do the trick.

How to make a homemade training dummy.

To create one, you can simply get an old Gi (typical martial arts uniform with pants and jacket) old or new towels depending on your preference, a belt, and an old hoodie.

Here are the steps:

  1. With string, tie the end of the arms of the hoodie and the end of the pant legs closed
  2. Fill the legs with old rags, towels, etc
  3. Sew (or otherwise attach) the bottom of the hoodie to the top of the pants
  4. Fill the hoodie with old rags, towels, etc
  5. Zip the hoodie closed if a zip hoodie
  6. Tie the hood of the hoodie closed
  7. Place the gi top around the hoodie and secure it with a belt (ideally a Karate-style belt with no metal buckle)

Sometimes a homemade dummy might just be the best way to train your BJJ moves if you are in a position where you can’t purchase an actual dummy or you don’t have access to one at the time you need it.

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Now let’s look at some different dummy options depending on what your goals are.

Best grappling dummy for leg locks

Grappling Dummy MMA Jiu Jitsu – Grappling Wrestling Dummy – Made from Durable Canvas Fabrics – MMA Dummy for Multiple Drills UNFILLED

The Jendila MMA Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy from Amazon is the best grappling dummy for leg locks.

This grappling dummy is a great product, and it is designed to tolerate harsh takedowns. It is 30% thicker than an average dummy.

It was intentionally crafted to be a long-lasting product. 75% of the dummy are welt steam stitches, and the rest are simple steam stitched with a silk thread. This speaks well of its durability and quality.

The legs of the Jendila dummy are crafted to switch between different positions.

This way, you can easily practice leg locks from sitting positions or standing positions. With this dummy, you can perform other grappling techniques such as:

  • Kneeling position
  • Submissions
  • Kneebars
  • Ankle hooks
  • Ground-and-pound training

The limbs can be straightened and the arms repositioned after practice.

If you fill your dummy with the appropriate materials down to the legs, there’s no limit to the number of leg locks you can do with the Jendila Grappling Dummy.

If you are confused or inquisitive about the difference between BJJ and wrestling for self-defense, you can take a look at my recent article. I explained everything you need to know.

Best overall grappling/BJJ dummies

From my personal experience and research, these are the best overall grappling/BJJ dummies available in 2022. You can look at each of them and select the one that fits your budget and needs.

1. Jayefo Beast BJJ Wrestling Dummy

Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ Brazilian JIU Jitsu Wrestling Dummy

The Jayefo Beast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wrestling dummy is a cotton 40-pound wrestling dummy that is great for:

          • practicing takedowns
          • throws
          • submissions
          • 58 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wrestling moves

All from the comfort of your home without risking injury to a training partner.

It comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, so whether you’re a 12-year-old kid newly learning the ropes of wrestling or a 30-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu veteran, you can be sure to find a Jayefo beast wrestling dummy that fits your needs.

This type of dummy comes empty, which means that it is not infilled with sand or any other filler material.

I know this doesn’t sound great, but this is an advantage as you now have control over your dummy’s texture, weight and feel by choosing to fill it with any material you see fit, be it newspapers, old clothes, or even sand.


  • It is unfilled
  • Ideal for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training
  • Comes in multiple sizes to fit your needs


  • Stitching might be prone to damage after extended use
  • Could be tasking to find the filling that suits you

CLICK HERE to see the current price on Amazon.

2. Combat Sports Grappling MMA Wrestling Dummy

Combat Sports 70, 90, 120 & 140 lb Grappling MMA Wrestling Submission Fitness Jui Jitsu Dummy

The Combat Sports Grappling Dummy is another great choice for a grappling dummy in 2022. It comes in different sizes and weights to fit your specific needs. It comes pre-filled from the manufacturer.

This reduces the customizability of the dummy but, at the same time, reduces the time taken to fill the dummy.

It is excellent for practicing both MMA, and BJJ moves, including leg lock submissions and strikes, from the comfort of your home without the need for a training partner.

Its heavy-duty nylon synthetic leather and vinyl covering make it durable, ensuring that it sticks around for a long time.


  • It is durable
  • It can be used straight away without filling
  • It allows you to train your moves without a partner


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Comes prefilled and can incur additional shipping costs or shipping delays

CLICK HERE to see the current price on Amazon.

3. Jendila MMA Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy

Grappling Dummy MMA Jiu Jitsu – Grappling Wrestling Dummy – Made from Durable Canvas Fabrics – MMA Dummy for Multiple Drills UNFILLED

The Jendila MMA Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy is another good choice for a grappling dummy.

It is made from durable materials, comes in different sizes, and can be used in both sitting and upright positions, allowing you to have practice and training sessions even in the absence of a sparring partner.

75% of all sides are welt seam stitches, and the remaining are simple seam stitched with a silk thread. Basically, this means the stitching is done on both sides of the fabric instead of one.

This increases the durability and overall quality of the grappling dummy.

Another important thing to note is that it comes unfilled from the manufacturer allowing you to fill it with what you please.


  • High quality
  • Durable with strong material
  • Comes unfilled
  • Easy to use


  • Stuffing could be inconvenient
  • Deadweight is sometimes heavier than expected

CLICK HERE to see the current price on Amazon.

4. Stylso Wrestling Dummy

Stylso Wrestling Dummy Grappling Dummies - 5ft 60 inches 6ft 72 inches Jujitsu BJJ Dummy MMA Dummies Judo Karate Fighting Dummy Un-Filled

The Stylso wrestling dummy comes in different sizes and proves effective for training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts moves from the comfort of your home and without the presence of a training partner.

It comes unfilled, and it can easily be filled with foam, fabric, polyester, shredded textile, used blankets, cloth, pillows, and towels.

Another important thing to note is that it was made with a double layer premium canvas and enforced stitching, allowing it to withstand extended use.

The Stylso wrestling dummy may be a good option for general martial arts and BJJ as it comes out on top compared to the Celebrita MMA dummy as the latter is not as good as other brands and has mixed reviews.


  • Comes unfilled
  • Good quality
  • affordable


  • The filling could prove inconvenient 
  • Deadweight could be heavier than expected after filling

CLICK HERE to see the current price on Amazon

5. Daan MMA Grappling Judo Punching Bag

DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy Judo Punching Bag Dummy BJJ Wrestling Dummy Sitting Position Brazilian JIU Jitsu Submission Self Defense Training Vinyl Dummy

This grappling dummy is known for its uniqueness. It could be supine, and turtle position can be practiced with it, including guards, and even pins.

This dummy gives you a wonderful experience during practice sessions due to the multiple techniques you can try with it. This means that it can make any move you have in mind.

The dummy is surprisingly waterproof, so you occasionally clean it when you need to.

It is reinforced with heavy-duty vinyl, four ply-polyester-nylon thread, and double-reinforced stitching.

It’s about 170cm in size, and it comes unfilled. It can be filled with old clothes, shredded paper, and blankets.

Even with its amazing features, the Daan MMA grappling dummy isn’t our top pick, but it should do the trick when training.


  • Perfect for training ground and pound
  • It is waterproof 
  • Long-lasting 


  • Not good for sparring 
  • It is expensive 
  • Filling it can be strenuous 

CLICK HERE to see the current price on Amazon.


The inability to train when you don’t have access to a dojo or a sparring partner is now a thing of the past. With BJJ and MMA dummies within your reach, you can easily train and improve your skills right from your home.

By now, you already know why grappling dummies are useful and what you can do with them.

You also learned how to make a homemade grappling dummy without stress using different materials you can get from the comfort of your home.

We also checked out what size of grappling dummy to buy and also the best BJJ dummy for leg locks which is the Jendila MMA Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy.

I hope the information in this article helps you make the right choice.

Photo which requires attribution:

Still image taken from video – Electronic Triangle Choke Sensing Dummy- with JLCPCB! by Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu and is licensed under CC2.0 and cropped, edited, and had a text overlay added.

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