Become a Writer on Dojo Life HQ

So you’d like to write for Dojo Life HQ?

Great. Please read this page in its entirety. Please note this is NOT for guest posting or sponsored posts. I will tell you what posts to write and no external links are allowed.

Here’s how to get started!

Do you have to be a professional writer?

No! My preference is to hire people who are practicing martial arts or who at least used to in the past. I don’t necessarily need you to be a black belt, but I do want people that have trained at least 2 years. That way you can speak from personal experience.

The style of my articles is fairly informal. I give you an outline with the title, subheadings (usually 5), and the gist of what the article needs to cover.

A completely fluent grasp of the United States version of the English language is a must.

How much do I pay for an article?

I start at $26/article. The better the article, the more closely you follow my outline, and the less editing the articles require, the more I’ll be willing to negotiate on price after we’ve done a few together.

I pay within 24 business hours of receiving the article and accepting it. It’s rare that I ask for revisions, but if needed, payment will be made following the revision being accepted.

How long are the articles I need?

I am primarily looking for 1300-ish word articles.

I don’t expect a $26 article to have hours of research, but I do want it to be better and more comprehensive than what’s currently available when that topic gets searched, so your original research or personal knowledge is valuable.

The ideal candidate would be able to submit 2-3 articles per week or more (and the faster they are submitted, the quicker more get sent to you).

All articles are done as a ghostwriter and appear under my by-line.

Will your articles be edited?

Yes. I edit them and I also use an editor who does both spell-check and plagiarism checks. Unless your style is almost identical to mine, it is unlikely your article will be published exactly as submitted.

But if you check out the articles already published and get a feel for the style, layout, and format, and can mirror that, your posts will need less editing (which can lead to a higher rate of pay).

Who owns the article?

Once submitted to me, accepted, and paid for, all content you submit becomes the exclusive property of DojoLifeHQ and you do not have the right to republish that article on your own site or any other sites.

How to get started

If you’re interested, please let me know by clicking the button below. Emails will be ignored.

Once accepted, I provide you a sample of a currently published article so you can get an idea of the type of article I’m looking for, and I would hire you to write 1 article for me so I can see if your style is a good fit for what I’m looking for.

That one article would be paid upon completion providing it is useable and any needed re-writes are completed. Payment will be via Paypal.

I provide a 1-page outline for each article that specifies the title and subheadings as well as the angle I am looking for with the article.

Ready? Apply below. We will contact successful candidates as needed. Watch for an email from us if accepted. Due to the high volume of applicants, we only contact those we wish to hire.