About Dojo Life HQ

Dojo Life HQ is the ultimate guide for answering all your questions about martial arts.

We’ll get into all the different types and styles of martial arts, who martial arts are right for, how effective they are for both fitness and self-defense, and much more.


In the fall of 2020, I decided, 4 years into my first blog, Middle Class Dad, that I had more to share. I also didn’t want to keep doing such a wide-ranging blog as Middle Class Dad covers a wide variety of topics (too many, in all honesty). So I wanted to take my passion for martial arts and start writing about it.  

I’ve dabbled in martial arts my whole life, and am NOT a black belt. I have, however, trained extensively since 2013 in addition to training on and off in my earlier years.

I’ve learned a lot, and continue to learn, and I will get my black belt.

I rose to the rank of Red belt with a Black Stripe (just below brown which is just below black) at Life Ki-do Martial Arts in Austin, TX where I trained 3-4 days a week from April 2013 to July 2020.

I now train at a Brazilian Jiujitsu school near my home, and like all new students at a BJJ school, am starting with a white belt.


As of this writing, the site is still pretty new. After all, most websites take about 8 months before anyone even really ever finds the site when searching on Google. 

This site is for others who love martial arts or are curious about it, but also parents looking to see whether martial arts will be right for their child.


In addition to Dojo Life HQ, I also have 5 other websites, including my original Middle Class Dad website. Those are:

Middle Class Dad – Wanting a creative outlet for all the knowledge I was gaining as a parent, husband, homeowner, and personal finance enthusiast, I launched this site in August 2016 with helping other parents navigate all the same challenges I was facing. It covers a broad range of topics, but most are centered around parenting, marriage tips, travel, personal finance, and household DIY tips.
Hot Tub Owner HQ – I’ve owned 4 hot tubs over the past decade-plus, and my entire family and I are hot tub lovers. I started this site to address all the questions I asked myself in the first years of owning a hot tub (some of which I still have). I started this site in July 2019. So if you’ve ever wondered what the best temperature for a hot tub is, or how to figure out if your hot tub is too heavy to put on a wood deck, my site is for you!
Kitchen Appliance HQ – With 20+ years of Whole Foods Market experience behind me, I launched this site in January 2019 with a focus on food and cooking tips, small kitchen appliance tips, as well as foodie topics. It is not a recipe site. However, it’s designed to address common problems and challenges in the kitchen and inspire a passion for cooking.
The Grocery Store Guy – Putting my 20+ years of experience to work again, this site launched in August 2019. I started it right after I spent a few days consulting in San Diego with an old friend of mine who is still in the grocery business. I have a large wealth of untapped knowledge that can help anyone starting, running, owning, or working in a grocery store. My site covers everything from merchandising to HR, just like I did when I still wore the apron. But I also have articles geared towards employees and shoppers alike.
RV parenting – A new site started in fall 2020 and a collaboration with my wife Cassandra. This site (and the corresponding YouTube channel) dive deep into the world of RV living as we trek around the country with our 3 daughters.
We cover all things related to recreational vehicles, remote learning, parenting on the road, camprground reviews, and much more!