Best MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag Training (2024 Top Picks)

MMA gloves are special, usually open-handed gloves used for heavy bag training and MMA competitions. These gloves are made with either genuine or synthetic leather to provide comfort when training with heavy bags. But if you’re ready to up your game, what are the best MMA gloves for heavy bag training?

They are small gloves whose primary functions are grappling with a proper grip and protecting your opponent’s face from serious damage or cut. However, they do not protect the opponent’s face from serious head trauma and even brain injury as the punches using MMA gloves have more power than punching with bare knuckles.

The gloves protect the attacker’s hands from cuts and bruises. MMA gloves for heavy bag training are distinct from punching gloves because they give you the ability to perform MMA techniques such as grappling, sprawls, and submissions.

This article will serve as a buying guide to show you our top picks for pocket-friendly, mid-range, and professional MMA gloves specifically for heavy bag training.

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Best Budget MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag Training

ZooBoo MMA Gloves

This double-fitted MMA training glove gives you comfort coupled with maximum protection to keep your hands safe.

It is made of premium PU leather, with an intentional pre-curved hand design to get your attention off while maintaining proper fist closure during heavy bag training. It weighs 0.5LB which is appropriate for an MMA fighter; this enables easy wrist and hand flexibility.

This glove has a half finger and palm breathable design to enhance breathability and reduce hand sweating; when having long or intense sessions, they even go as far as giving you a cool feel to eliminate heat.

The Zooboo MMA glove has an excellent padding design, with three layers of protection made of High Rebound EV, Buffer sponge, and High foaming PE, in order of layers.

These layers are there to provide adequate comfort while preventing severe injuries.

The hard-wearing material is ideal for MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and lots more. Because they serve their purpose effectively without wearing out, people often refer to them as the best MMA competition gloves.

This MMA glove has a strong wrist support system, so you don’t have to worry about pulling off the straps while training. If you want to get an MMA glove on a budget that can deliver quality and still be pocket friendly, with an exceptional ability to handle heavy bag training, this is the right glove for you.


  • Tri-slab pc3 padding
  • Suitable for heavy bag training
  • It fits a vast number of hand sizes
  • It is made with breathable material to reduce hand sweating
  • It offers a better grip as the thumb is uncovered
  • It has a long lifespan


  • It doesn’t fit everyone
  • Not suitable for weight lifting

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Revgear Premier MMA Training Gloves

This is an MMA training glove that performs not just one feature but has multiple uses.

This glove not only performs MMA moves properly, but it also allows for sparring. You can easily switch from a tight fist form to strike a blow to an open wrist form to perform takedowns or grab your opponent.

This glove is made with durable materials to withstand heavy bag training. It provides comfort and protection to all its users when training or facing a real opponent. It has no grip loss while grappling or sparring and fits snugly. The straps work perfectly to prevent unexpected pulls-off while training.

Do you need the right gloves to get you through that heavy bag training? This glove was made to take you to that next rank during training. It is a perfect low-cost, high-value MMA glove with multi-layered foam padding that gives you a wonderful MMA experience and maintains quality.


  • Proper padding for safety
  • It has a good grip
  • It has an ultra-lock hook and loop closure for effective wrist support
  • Suitable for entry-level MMA fighter


  • It might be too tight for bigger hands
  • Not as durable as more expensive ones
  • They are not machine washable

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Jayefo Glorious MMA Gloves

Jayefo Glorious Boxing Gloves are suitable for heavy bag training, Muay Thai, and lots more due to the multiple layers it consists of.

This glove was built for any challenge you can imagine. It has multiple layers and comes with high-impact gel injected into it, reducing the chances of your opponent getting an injury.

It gives the fighter extra protection with the thumb lock feature, which will never go beyond your knuckle, to prevent thumb injuries. The breathability of the glove is high because it comes with the ability to keep your palms cool during training.

These gloves are handmade to perfection just to give you the best training experience you can get while being able to afford one anytime. The use of hand molds gives it a traditional perfect design, enabling you to maximize your grips while exercising your full potential.

The straps grip as good as a tight fist, and you don’t have to worry about sudden tears. An incredible experience is guaranteed with the Jayefo Glorious MMA Gloves. These glove mitts work for men and women.

Pros :

  • Dual strap wrist grip
  • Quality material for extended usage
  • It has a thumb lock to prevent thumb injuries
  • It is cheap
  • It is durable
  • Its inside has a high-impact gel to reduce injury and enhance protection

Cons :

  • It may not fit everyone

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Liberplus MMA Gloves

This glove is suitable for heavy bag workouts and can be used for grappling, training, MMA sparring, and boxing.

These gloves have a cross-cut design that fits the back of the hand perfectly, and the two pieces help improve wrist and fist flexibility. This design helps with more bar grip and provides superior hold when you try grappling.

The Liberplus MMA Gloves are an excellent fit for fighters who like to wear their gloves for a long time.

Even after a long MMA session, you decide to keep your gloves on to drive home or to take a long walk home; you do not have to worry about the odor that comes with the sweaty feeling because it has a good airflow system that leaves your palm dry and odorless.

The texture of the gloves is engineered to last long and deliver high performance. They are durable and easy to clean. They are 10mm thick, which enables shock absorption during boxing or heavy bag training.


  • It is comfortable and breathable
  • It is durable
  • Perfect fit


  • It is not leather
  • It doesn’t come in many colors

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Sanabul Essential 7 oz MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves

The Sanabul 7-ounce gloves are the perfect gloves for sparring, and as an added advantage, they can be used for heavy bag training. The gloves appear cheap, but it gives you the full worth of their cost.

These hybrid sparring gloves are fitted to protect your hands when striking an opponent while giving you modest agility during grappling. The gloves are made with performance-engineered leather, which ensures durability.

The innovative hook and loop wrist strap closure system makes your gloves an extension of your hands, locked in place for long and short sessions.

Be assured that these gloves won’t slow you down or make you switch between different pairs of gloves when training.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Suitable for a 70pound heavy bag
  • Comfortable


  • They do not fit big hands
  • It cannot be washed with a machine

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Best Mid-range Gloves for Heavy Bag Training

Hayabusa T3 7oz Training sparring MMA Gloves

This 7oz glove is built for heavy bag training. With the open palm design, this hybrid glove has the perfect padding you need to tackle heavy bag training with the flexibility of opening your palm. Hand wrist stabilization is provided with the inbuilt Dual- X closure.

These gloves are made of microfiber vegan leather that provides superior tear strength, crack and abrasion resistance, and high-quality lining to ensure durability. There’s a reduction of hand fatigue with the performed curve.

This glove allows you to go from striking to grappling with ease while staying in place the whole time. It has a high level of comfort, and the straps work fine, so you don’t have to worry about trying out different types of gloves.


  • It is comfortable
  • Perfect for heavy bag training
  • They are durable
  • It is versatile
  • It has a great value


  • A bit too tight
  • Slightly bulkier than regular MMA gloves

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Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

The Venum Challenger MMA Glove delivers intriguing quality for its worth. It has a multi-layer of foam which keeps the hands protected from danger. In addition, the wide leather Velcro closure prevents the risk of a wrist injury. The open thumb area absorbs shock when you strike an opponent.

The double-closure system makes it easy for you to wear, guaranteeing great comfort and support. The straps are adjustable and grip around your wrist perfectly.


  • Very comfortable
  • Its fingers and thumb openings are reinforced
  • It is available in several colors


  • It offers inadequate palm protection

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Everlast Pro Style MMA Gloves

The Everlast pro-style MMA gloves have EverDri technology to keep your palm and the whole of your hand dry while training, with the moisture-absorbing lining.

It goes as far as extending the life of your equipment. Constant sweat from the palms can pile up and damage the metal or weak equipment with time.

With the full wrist strap, you have maximum wrist support for safety and allow for a customizable fit. The premium synthetic leather just adds to its beauty and durability.


  • Its “Everdri” technology keeps it cool and dry
  • It uses antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacterial growth


  • Just two colors
  • It’s not as durable

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UFC Heavy Bag Fitness Gloves

The UFC heavy bag fitness glove is a high-quality leather glove designed especially for use on heavy punching bags. It is very comfortable and has extra padding for knuckle and wrist protection. It also employs the open-palm design that allows maximum grapple dexterity, and its full wrist wrap straps provide additional support.


  • Extra real leather padding for knuckle protection
  • Very comfortable
  • Mesh backing for a comfortable experience
  • Padding between wrists and knuckles


  • A lot bulkier than basic MMA fighting gloves
  • It costs more than its cheaper counterparts

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RDX MMA Gloves

The RDX MMA Glove is a unique pair of MMA gloves with a leather finish and is of very high quality. This glove is very comfortable and durable, and it also has extra padding to reduce the risk of injury and enhance useability for heavy bag training sessions. It is made with synthetic material.


  • Ventilated
  • Thickly Padded
  • A quick-EZ hook and loop closure
  • Secure grip
  • Enhanced wrist support
  • Perforations on fingers and sheaths.


  • It could take time to get used to the hook and loop closure
  • Not as lightweight as regular MMA gloves

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Best High-End MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag Training

Fairtex FGV18 MMA Sparring Gloves

The Fairtex FGV18 MMA Sparring Glove is a high-quality MMA glove engineered with an extra-thick pre-curved high-impact latex foam core. This greatly increases impact absorption and helps protect against training injuries.

This level of impact absorption is excellent for heavy bag training on MMA bags.

This set of gloves is constructed with Premium Quality Leather employing Fairtex’s Signature Three-Layers of Foam Core System for Excellent Hand and Knuckle Protection and Shock Impact Disbursement. It also has an open palm design, which makes grappling very easy.

Protection of the knuckles is always a concern in MMA training and competitions; these gloves are considered the Knuckle Area and Contain Extra-Thick Pre-curved High Impact Foam for Ultimate Protection Against Training Injuries.

Oversized Knuckle Padding For Maximum Protection and to increase shock impact. It also includes a full wrap-around wristband.


  • It is comfortable
  • Its small size enables you to fit it in tight spaces easily
  • It reduces hand fatigue


  • It can take some time to break in due to stiffness
  • A protruding seam from the padding can make it uncomfortable

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UFC MMA Gloves

UFC MMA Gloves is another great high-end, high-quality glove many MMA fighters use. It is officially licensed and the only glove approved to be worn on a professional level by UFC MMA fighters in the Octagon.

It is a lightweight glove that’s comfortable and strong and can be used on punching bags. It is constructed from 100% genuine leather. These gloves are designed to naturally contour the knuckles in a compact, curved shape, reducing hand fatigue.

The open palm design allows maximum grapple dexterity, and fully-adjustable wrist wraps provide extra support. In addition, it’s adjustable and has a secure wrap-around hook and loop closure that supports your wrist.


  • It is made of 100% leather
  • Maya hide leather
  • Its pre-curved impact dispensing gel protects knuckles
  • It is very light (weighs a little over 3 ounces)
  • Its open palm design ensures dryness


  • It’s expensive
  • It’s only available in black

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Hayabusa T3 LX MMA Glove

Every MMA fighter needs a glove that can endure high-intensity Mixed Martial Arts training and heavy bag training; the T3 LX Glove is my best choice. It uses 100% full-grain leather, multi-layered padding necessary for striking, and a tactile open palm design for grappling.

It also has a Y-Volar palm design that prevents your gloves from shifting as you train or compete—conforming to your hand with a precise fit and complete control while you transition between striking and grappling.

The main difference between this glove and your regular MMA glove is that these gloves have:

  • A Dual-X closure system that locks your wrists in place
  • Two interlocking straps for a comfortable
  • Secure fit with incredible wrist stabilization, especially if you buy the right size

This is important in the market today as it eliminates the need to wear a full wrist wrap strap as you train.

The premium multi-layered foam technology absorbs heavy impacts, dispersing energy for better knuckle protection as your train or flight.


  • It is strong and durable (made with the finest Italian leather)
  • It absorbs heavy impacts
  • Its Y-Volar palm design ensures that it fits and won’t shift as you train
  • The design also keeps your hand cool
  • Its multi-layered padding makes it highly comfortable
  • It’s available in 4 different sizes


  • It may take some time before you break it in
  • It’s  expensive

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Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

Venum manufactures different types of gloves, but the Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Glove stands out for sparring in professional competitions and heavy bag punching. It has a curved shape that gives you a very good fit, making your grip and strikes a lot better.

It uses quality leather and multi-layered foam construction, which makes it highly comfortable for sparring and competitions.


  • Made from genuine Nappa leather
  • Its layered foam makes it comfortable and protective
  • Its foam lasts; it doesn’t deform over time
  • It has an open palm design
  • Its fingers and thumb openings are reinforced
  • It is durable


  • It offers inadequate palm protection
  • It is expensive
  • It is available only in black
  • It may feel bulky

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Hayabusa Tokushu 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves

The Hayabusa Tokushu 4oz pro-style glove is a high-quality leather MMA glove developed through world-leading University research. It is perfect for use on a heavy bag because of the padding.

It also has a patented Dual-X Wrist Closure that generates ultimate wrist support for maximum power. The glove also provides a snug, tight fit for maximum stability due to the Y-Volar design.


  • Snug fit to reduce slips due to the Y-volar design
  • Increased wrist support
  • Thumbless allows better ventilation and grappling
  • Designed for heavy bag work


  • A bit expensive compared to other MMA gloves

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Looking for MMA gloves that are suitable for heavy bag training may be tasking as not all MMA gloves can be used for this long-term purpose.

I have taken the time to show you several good MMA gloves that can be used for heavy bag training and their advantages and disadvantages to aid you in making the best decision.

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