Will Martial Arts Help My Child Make Friends?

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As grown-ups, we know how vital it is to have a solid network of friends. But for a shy, introverted child, life can be really challenging. We know that martial arts have a lot of benefits, but will martial arts help my child make friends?

Martial arts will help a child make friends as they will both meet and work with a lot of children of a similar age with similar interests. But as a child’s self-confidence gets raised from the practice, they also become more comfortable meeting new people.

Children are often paired together as they learn.

Fortunately, dojos do not have the intimidating aura that most formal schools have. Martial arts are fun and cool. The atmosphere is more relaxed and is thus conducive.

But there’s more to know.

In this article, we’ll find out if martial arts help children become more confident and whether it helps them become less socially awkward. But we’ll also find out if Taekwondo is good for shy kids.

Let the fun begin.

Will martial arts help my child be more confident?

Martial arts will help a child to become more confident through repetition and eventual mastery of a variety of movements and techniques. As a child becomes more and more competent, their self-esteem will be positively impacted, and they will become more confident.

They learn (albeit indirectly) how to interact with others, work with them, and compete with them. They become proficient in what they are being taught and may even become instructors themselves later on.

Every little step they take makes them more confident because they know for a fact that they are more able to control themselves and that the skills being acquired are equipping them with the ability to defend themselves.

They are taught how to be more assertive, they get to work in an environment where most people are rooting for them to excel, and they have an opportunity to interact and bond with some people.

Naturally, they become more confident.

Even though martial artists spar and compete with each other, there’s a supportive atmosphere. This has a positive effect on children’s self-confidence.

One of the martial arts that’s great for those who have a preference for grappling is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

In a recent article, I explored its pros and cons. I looked at whether it ruins your body and if it’s cool to train every day. But I also revealed how long it takes before you get really good at it.

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Will martial arts help my child be less socially awkward?

Martial arts will help a child be less socially awkward as it offers a supportive atmosphere for children to gradually come out of their shells and find ways to work together with their fellow students. As their mastery increases, so does their confidence and their ability to connect with other kids.

And while a colored belt system is used to mark progress, children are not compared to each other.

The activities are engaging, safe, and fun and involve interacting with other children. Martial art classes are usually smaller than most of the classes children have to take in school. So, they are more intimate and playful. It’s a lot easier for children to make friends in this setting.

Martial arts, unlike team sports, offer your child a more supportive atmosphere because they are not under so much pressure to perform.

And even if they did fail to do something right, they can simply keep trying until they get it. It’s unlike the dynamic in team sports, where what each individual does can have a highly disproportionate effect on the teams’ result. Of course, schools that focus heavily on tournaments and competitions will be more like a team sport and could be a lot more competitive.

As they are learning skills and techniques, they are usually becoming more confident.

Improving and getting better at the skills and drills over time does that for most people. The more confident the children become, the easier it is for them to make friends.

Of course, the changes may not be immediate. Some children may blend in with others in their dojo with ease, while others need a bit more time.

It’s interesting how martial arts help socially awkward children, but will it help your child at school?

This is what I explored in a recent article of mine. I get into how the skills learned in martial arts translate into our everyday lives, including how it could actually improve their grades.

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Is Taekwondo good for shy kids?

Taekwondo is good for shy kids as they focus on the eventual mastery of techniques over time. The bullying, mocking, and social clicks that characterize a lot of elementary, middle, and high schools are absent. Shy kids have the opportunity to meet and interact with other shy and extroverted kids.

There’s a natural basis for bonding with others when you’re seeing them several times each week in an environment that’s supportive, safe, and playful.

Shy kids often have self-esteem issues.

Over time as they learn Taekwondo (TKD), it’s almost as if they’re being introduced to a facet of themselves that they are not aware of. The training makes them realize that they have more potential, that they can do well in it, and this has a positive effect on how they now see themselves.

Naturally, it affects other facets of their lives, too. 

Perhaps they no longer dread math, or there’s a beautiful girl in their class they’ve been wanting to talk to.

TKD lessons involve pairing them with others and working in harmony while in the dojo. They may not become completely extroverted. It’s not necessary. But they may find it a lot easier to interact with others.

Taekwondo is awesome. But like most things in life, it’s got its cons.

That’s a part of what you’ll find in a recent article where I shared what’s dangerous about it and its benefits. I looked at whether it’s safe for girls. But I also revealed why so many other styles don’t even consider it a “real” martial art these days.

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Does Karate help with shyness?

Karate helps with shyness as, the longer they train, and the more proficient they become in the skills, the more confident they get. That, in turn, leads to their network of friends increasing, both in and out of the dojo, helping them become less shy.

They’ll have the opportunity to meet with, interact with, and bond with other children as they learn together. There’s a great emphasis on discipline and respect, but the atmosphere is nurturing and fun.

Shy kids get to meet others like them, who are getting proficient in Karate techniques and are having a good time interacting with others.

But what’s the best age for a child to start martial arts?

Check out a recent article of mine. I get into the average age that kids tend to start, why some schools start as young as age 3, but also the best age to start if you really want your kid to stick with it.

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Which martial art is best for improving social skills?

The best martial arts styles for improving social skills will be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, or others where the work is done consistently with 1 or more partners rather than focused on solo work such as kata.

Ideally, you want to do a free trial class at a few schools and select the one you enjoy the most.

So, you don’t have to sweat the decision. A lot of martial arts are similar to each other. Do a bit of research and see which one you sense you’ll enjoy. What’s the point if you’re not having fun, right?

The truth is that you should probably use another criterion since virtually all martial arts help improve social skills. And you have an opportunity to develop long-life friendships because as you probably know, a considerable chunk of people practices these arts almost all their life.

Want a comprehensive guide on how to pick the best martial arts school for your child?

Luckily, since I ran a very successful dojo for 8 years, I have a lot of experience. I packed that experience into a recent article on one of my other websites. I even cover the 1 key thing to avoid that could end up making your child hate martial arts.

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How martial arts helps improve kids social skills. Make sure your child isn’t the kid others avoid!


In the article, we found out if martial arts help children become more confident and whether it helps them become less socially awkward.

But we also explored if Taekwondo is good for shy kids. Then, we looked at if Karate helps with shyness. Lastly, we wrapped things up by checking out the martial art that’s best for improving social skills.

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